Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bronzclay jewelry from start to finish

Just a word of warning: bronze clay is very addicting and a lot of fun to work with. It is kind of in between sculpting and playing with playdough. I show the steps I used to make one of my jewelry pieces.
After doodling for a while I decided to make this bird ...I use Super Sculpey sculpturing compound to make a clay model.I roll Super Sculpey with a rolling pin into a thin sheet and cut the bird with an exacto knife along my paper bird pattern.
I add texture and a wing.To make a mold I mix equal parts of each color of Amazing Putty and knead them together untill the whole thing turns into one color. I wait for the putty to harden - takes a few minutes. Finished moldBronzclayI take a piece of Bronzeclay, knead it soft and fill the mold with it.Next I stamp the copyright sign on the back of my piece. I let the pieces dry on a coffee warmer.I sand the dry bird with five different grades of sandpaper. Then I decide where the jumpring holes should go and use a drill to make them. The birdie is ready for the kiln.I put the pieces in the cooking pan and cover them with charcoal. It takes about five hours to cook the pieces in the kiln and ... ... a high temperature of 1490 degrees of Fahrenheit! Cooked pieces are emerging. Patiently waiting to be ......wirebrushed and sanded with five different grades of sandpaper.
The pieces are ready for the tumbler.They will happily tumble for a day or two.
After tumbling I put the piece together. I decided to name it "The Little Hen of Happiness Carrying a Message of Love."

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thor wickstrom said...

that's a fascinating process. and i love the final result. thanks for sharing it, laila.