Monday, January 3, 2011

Nature Alphabet

I got inspired by artist Dee Overly's ( gratitude letters to create my own nature alphabet. Based on NASA study on astronauts that it takes 26-30 days of mental re-training for the subconsious mind to accept any new information as a fact, Dee used the alphabet (26 letters) to train her mind to be more thankful by posting things she was thankful for starting with a different letter each day. I am thankful to Dee for her inspiration. I will be posting a letter a day with an artsy word and a quote that has the word. Maybe I call them inspiration letters:)
Here is the first one:

A is for art.

"A work of art is a unique result of a unique temperament." - Oscar Wilde
"What art offers is space - a certain breathing room for the spirit." - John Updike


Becky Stoessner - Director said...

Laila, this is beautiful! I posted it on our Early LCC Facebook page!

Laila Kujala said...

Thank you Becky:)