Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One Dieter's Diary as told to Laila Kujala by Nöf Nöf

I had my knee surgery five weeks ago. The first two weeks I was pretty much sitting on the couch with my leg elevated and iced. There was not much I could do. I decided to work on a story I started a long time ago called One Dieter’s Diary as Told to Laila Kujala by Nöf Nöf. During the first two weeks I finished the story and since then I have been working on the illustrations. I have been always interested in health and like most of us I have been struggling with some extra pounds. As I was writing the story I was amazed of how many different diets I have tried over the years – not all for weight loss. I found that pretty amusing. This book is not meant to be “how to lose weight” book and has no good advice what so ever. I would but it more in the category of humor.
After another week on the couch I had a whole pile of black and white line drawings ready. The past two weeks I have been coloring them in Photoshop. The book is almost ready with about 50 illustrations! Yes, my body has been immobile but my mind has been very, very busy. I hope that my “baby” will not be one that only mother can love.
"I had a wonderful dream last night .."
Following is One Dieter's Diary's fan page. I hope you "like it."

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Anonymous said...

How true! The things we put ourselves through is totally amazing,in the guise of healthy living?? We are nuts sometimes, I think :-)