Monday, December 9, 2013

Dove #24/117

My dove #24/117 is called ...and There Was Peace on Earth Ever Since
Acrylic painting, 9"x 12"


Inner Peace
Acrylic painting, 12"x 12"


All Covered with Love
Acrylic painting, 14"x 11"

Dove 19/117

Just peeking in to See that Everything Is OK. 
This an 8"x 8" acrylic painting.

dove # 18/117

Oh, How I Love This Planet and Its Living Beings is 318/117 in my Tribute to the Boston Marathon 2013 series.
Acrylic painting,12"x 9".

dove #11/117

This dove painting is called A Moment of Peace on Earth.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

the garden of light, 15/117

I have wanted to do this painting for a long time; I even have a few starts of it. It is inspired by my favorite Finnish artist, Hugo Simberg.
When I was a child, we had an old-fashioned Google called an encyclopedia. Under “F” were stories of the Finnish Golden Age artists. I was in awe looking at those pages, so amazing the paintings and prints looked to me (they still do.) I was strangely drawn to a print by Hugo Simberg called The Garden of Death.

Why I was fascinated by this etching, I still cannot explain. There was something silly about skeletons watering weird plants and one of them even smiling at you. I also loved the fine lines the etching was drawn with.
More than thirty years has past since I first thought about painting an image that has the same composition, yet is full of light. Today I finally finished a version of it called The Garden of Light.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

peace dove #14/117

The title tells it all: Peace Dove Is Sitting in a Very Old Tree Singing and Imagining Peace and the Brotherhood of Man.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

healing doves 8-13/117

Peace Dove Is Sending Healing Energy upon All Lands from the Top of a Very High Mountain, 8/117.

The following images are based on the Tibetan Buddhist "healing the elements" practice.
Peace Dove Is Sending Yellow Light to Heal the Earth Element, 9/117

Peace Dove Is Sending White Light to Heal the Water Element, 10/117

Peace Dove Is Sending Red Light to Heal the Fire Element, 11/117

Peace Dove Is Sending Green Light to Heal the Air Element, 12/117

Peace Dove Is Sending Blue Light to Heal the Space Element, 13/117

Friday, July 5, 2013

update on peace dove mobile and more

I am still working on my Peace Dove Mobile (Tribute to the Boston Marathon 2013 #6/117). I will post a picture of the final work when it is finished. Here is a glimpse of how it will look.
Meanwhile I have been working on some other dove images. The following is called Peace Dove (#5/117). It is a tiny, 3"x 3", enchaustic painting.
#7/117 is also an enchaustic painting. I named it Peace Dove Is Sending Healing Energy upon All Lands from the Top of Mount Everest (12"x 9".)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tribute to the Boston Marathon 2013 #5/117

I have been working on #5/117 peace dove. It will be a mobile of 117 doves made out of recycled soda cans. As you can it is taking quite a bit of time.
My friend Jeanne donated two bags of cans - thanks Jeanne!
 Ends cut off of 60 cans.
 The cut cans washed and dried.
 Tracing the doves ...
 ... cutting ...
 ... sanding.
It took 5 layers of paint to cover the existing paint on the cans. This is where I am now. More to come.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Peace dove #3 finished:)

My Peace Dove #3 is called Peace Dove Is Sailing through the Turbulence of the Human World."

Friday, April 26, 2013

#2/117 in My Peace Dove Series

This is my second Peace Dove painting. It is called Peace Dove Is Meditating On Love.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Thoughts after Boston Marathon

It had been a great weekend. I was able to celebrate my birthday with my daughter and my husband. We had traveled to Boston to watch Celia run the Boston Marathon. She finished her race and we were waiting to reunite with her when the bombs went off. After some confusion and panic we finally found her back in the hotel room. What happened after that in Boston has been so well covered by the media that there is not much I could add.
It is hard to tell how this event will affect our individual lives. On Monday through her tears my daughter screamed:”I never want to come back to this place!” On Tuesday she was determined to run the marathon again next year. All three of us thought it would be great if we all qualified to run the race. Now that is a far fetched dream for me, but I did start my training by going on a walk just in case. My husband did his first run as well.
I came back from Boston broken-hearted, I felt like I had gone through a wringer washer.  As part of my healing, I decided to do a series of paintings, drawings, prints, jewelry etc. of my favorite subjects: the peace dove and love. I will make 117 of them, one for each year of the Boston Marathon. My dream is to accomplish this by the next year’s marathon.
I finished my first painting yesterday. It is called Too Much Work for One Little Bird. It has a weary looking peace dove watching over the earth. What I like to say with this painting is that we all need to help; we all need to work towards peace within ourselves and within our communities. Peace is the responsibility of all of us.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

I am showing my Nature Mandala images at the CTN studio with three other artists until May. The opening reception will be April 5th. See more ...