Growing up in Finland

The most precious gift I think I received for being born and growing up in Finland is my love of nature. It is very important for the Finnish people that everybody has an access to nature and for that reason the traditional Finnish legal concept of everyman's right allows free right of access to the land and waterways, and the right to collect natural products such as wild berries and mushrooms, no matter who owns the land.
I did not have many store bought toys. My fondest memories are around the gifts and toys that the nature gave us: playing in the snow until our lips were blue, building play huts in the forest from twigs, furniture from moss and cooking with sand, mud and water. Dandelion flowers made great butter for our leaf bread. I don’t remember it ever being too cold to go outside to play or to walk or ski to school. Even now when the wind blows snow at my face I get warm, fuzzy feelings of home – a bit strange, I admit.
I find nature very healing and like to feel the energies of the earth and other elements.
My mom was and still is an amazing craft person. I learned so much just watching her crochet, knit and sew. I played with her electric sewing machine since I was six years old - that is when she was not looking. I learned to knit my own mittens when I was eight years old. I loved to make things with my hands! My mom worked in a fabric store and that meant we had lots of fabrics, laces, yarn etc. around. It happened a few times that when she was ready to make something from a piece of fabric she found a sizable piece of a corner missing. She asked me if I knew anything about it, but was never really angry. 
My father worked at the paper mill where most adults of the town of Kuusankoski (22000 people) worked. The great bonus for me was that with every pay check he got a huge roll of paper. We always had plenty of paper to draw. Drawing became another of my favorite past times.
Growing up Vietnam War was in the news pretty much every night. News about children starving in Biafra were also very troubling to me. I started to wonder about the meaning of the life…

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Mayuri said...!
Laila you are a good writer too along with artist and many more things.

I learn few more things about your life, thank you.

I am glad you are my friend.